Corporate Sponsorship Folder and Inserts

American Forests
Pocket Folder, Brochure and Insert
2018 Bronze Excel
2017 Graphic Design USA

American Forests is the nation’s oldest conservation organization, and their work goes beyond restoring and protecting threatened forests. Equally important is the organization’s desire to inspire people to value trees and forests, and in order to do that, American Forests needed to find a way to connect with more socially responsible corporations. North Face, Subaru, Whole Foods and other companies needed to know that American Forests is made up of strong and thoughtful activists who are ready to make lasting impressions on the partner organizations’ stakeholders, consumers and target markets. And it was up to GRAPHEK to design their calling card—a print brochure, aimed at corporations committed to sustainability, that conveyed a simple message: Working with American Forests is good for business. Partners for good.

“The work GRAPHEK does for us is distinctive and enhances American Forests’ brand. They make us look great to our audiences, and we highly value that.”

_Lea Sloan

Vice President of Communications – American Forests

Nature doesn’t need anyone’s help to be beautiful, so we let American Forests’ gorgeous photography convey the awe-inspiring powers of our natural world and the importance of conservation. A clean typography treatment helps emphasize the organization’s values and highlight tactical ways that corporate partners can advance environmental stewardship through a partnership with American Forests. Together, the images, content and elegant design leave an impactful first impression on potential partners.

Anyone who has struggled with arranging artwork on a wall knows that getting it right takes time. Our preliminary sketches provide insight into how consciously GRAPHEK balances great photography, content and clean white space to help guide and focus the reader.

As a thoughtful final touch to the project, GRAPHEK chose recyclable paper and fonts that use less ink to represent a client with such emphasis on social good and conservation.